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At Beetle Smartotels, we know you like and need to do business in a range of settings. So we make sure each of them are perfect: the well-designed worktable in your room; free wi-fi hotspots so you can carry your work or have a meeting in the public areas of the hotel; and a 100 person conference facility loaded with state of the art equipment and facilities.

partner with us to drive your business with innovation.

presenting beetle b more, an opportunity to adopt our innovative concept of smart hotel rooms constructed within shipping containers. we have been the pioneers in the business of these groundbreaking pop-up hotel rooms. our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located near ahmedabad, india.

our smart hotel rooms, in a snap shot.
  • incredibly chic, astonishingly lavish and surprisingly portable and indestructible
  • ideal for cities, highways, beaches and even in not-so accessible locations where construction is difficult or expensive
  • extremely futuristic, long lasting and eco-friendly
about beetle

our smart hotel rooms are equipped with all the facilities of a full-service hotel room. the premium décor and fittings are designed to create a luxurious experience that is no different from a 5-star hotel.

our smartotel in mundra, india, has served as a successful proof of concept for the past six years. it is a premier business hotel that houses comfortable rooms fully loaded with latest amenities, great public areas for dining and getting together, well-designed indoor and outdoor leisure spaces.

the successful running of the hotel has allowed us to derive new insights and ideas to make improvements in the product, which are now continuously incorporated in every new smart room built by us.

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consistent and

quick and


quick installation

the rooms have consistent dimensions making transportation possible through regular transport facilities like trucks, trains etc. they can be installed anywhere across the globe.

the rooms are supplied in ready-to-use condition. once they are connected to the electrical and plumbing lines at site, they become immediately operational.

sustainable rooms inside recycled containers with no construction at your site keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum.

consistent and cost-effective
the quality standards are guaranteed as these hotel rooms are constructed at the same location under the supervision of experienced technicians. the scale of construction ensures consistent good quality at very low prices.

quick and reasonable
the rooms reduce your project cost to less than half when compared to a normal brick and mortar hotel. further, the quick turnaround time reduces the interest on capital during the construction phase of the hotel.

these rooms are available in 3 different sizes to offer the right mix of rooms in a project. the room sizes vary from 9 - 29 square metres.

quick installation
the hotel can be made operational within 90 days of arrival at the hotel site

Our Success Story (Mundra)

beetle smartotels is an exclusive portable hotel fashioned out of discarded shipping containers. It is a container hotel with the best facilities, starting from unique infrastructure to luxurious amenities, well-equipped rooms to open green space, a multi-cuisine restaurant to a beautiful pool area.

Our team

The very spirit of innovation sets our team apart. We are passionately dedicated to enriching lives with our novel offerings. It is the far-sighted vision of our people, which has helped take Beetle where it stands today.

Our approach towards our work gives us the confidence to deliver what we dream of. Our work begins with the strong foundation of an innovative idea that stands on the pillars of in-depth research, brainstorming, deep understanding of infrastructural facilities and the challenges it brings, our quest for excellence and experience of delivering a delightful experience to demanding customers.

beetle b more is an opportunity knocking at your door.
if you are keen to offer your guests a unique stay experience in these out-of-the-box hotel rooms, reach out to us.

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